How it works

Our portal is different to any other ramp out there: It’s not a ramp it’s your gateway from fiat currency to crypto and back again.

Sign-up process

When you sign up you provide us with some simple details - name, email and the bank details you wish to receive funds into when going from crypto to fiat. You then connect the wallet you wish to receive crypto funds into when going from fiat to crypto.

Finally, we then provide you with:
- Details of a virtual bank account in your name that you send fiat funds to when you want to go from fiat to crypto
- A new 0x address account you send crypto funds to when you want to go from crypto to fiat

Getting money on-chain

It's easy. Go to your banking app, and initiate a bank transfer to the new bank account we provided you at start up.

Your funds then land in your nominated 0x you provided at signup. This is you sending money to yourself. So your bank only sees you sending money to yourself, NOT buying crypto

Getting money off-chain

Just as easy as getting it on chain:
Transfer funds to the 0x we provided at sign-up. Your funds appear as fiat currency in your nominated bank account you gave us at signup.

Again this is you sending money to yourself, so your bank only sees you sending money to yourself, not getting funds from a Crypto exchange.

Regulated and licensed

Unblock is an authorised VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) and can provide both crypto exchange and custody services. We are also registered with the US Fincen as an MSB provider. We embrace the regulatory oversight to make interacting with digital assets safer and more secure. Our deep experience in regulated businesses and strong partnerships with compliance technology providers ensure we remain compliant and secure in all jurisdictions we operate in. We continue to monitor the changing regulatory environment and create new partnerships to facilitate rapid global expansion.